Anuraadha Tewari is a Mumbai based writer – director, working prolifically for the last 14 years in the Entertainment Industry. With a Masters Degree and a Gold Medal in Film Direction from the prestigious Film School of Jamia, Millia Islamia, New Delhi,

Anuraadha began her career as a Chief Assistant to Mahesh Bhatt and worked with him on 3 Films, followed by a long stint as an independent Writer Director for Anupam Kher’s Media based Company.

After winning a Gold Medal in Direction from the Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi,

Anuraadha took the next flight to Mumbai without a single contact or an idea about the Film Industry and found herself a job with ace Director Mahesh Bhatt, miraculously on her very first day in the City. After assisting the Maverick Film Maker in 3 Films over a year,

Anuraadha ‘ran away’ to head Anupam Kher’s Television Company as a Creative Director and wondered for a while if she had made the right decision that early in her career. Her doubts were however allayed as she began writing and directing some path breaking TV Shows like ‘A Silent Love Story’, India’s First ever Silent series amongst others. As a contemporary of Imtiaz Ali,

Anuraadha guided several other youngsters in achieving their creative dreams through the Company, some of them being Shirish Kunder and Prawal Raman, both established Film Makers today in their own right.

After directing several shows both fiction and non fiction,

Anuraadha decided to switch to the Corporate side of the Media for a while and headed several companies like Channel V (Music television), Walchand Web Companies and Crest Communication Ltd. Returning to pure creatives in 2004,

Anuraadha switched her role yet again, this time back to her first love – writing and has ever since written 17 shows for television and 3 Films for Madhur Bhandarkar namely ‘Fashion’, ‘jail’, and the soon to be released ‘Heroine’. She has also written and directed several non fiction Musical shows for Television and has been a Guest Lecturer on ‘Story telling’ for the Xavier’s Institute Mumbai, EMRC Pune University, the Rai School of Media New Delhi and has conducted several Workshops for Private Media Schools.

Known for her outspoken views on Indian Cinema and Cinema in general,

Anuraadha has a fan following on her own on Facebook where she writes her unconventional reviews week after week, courting trouble from various sections of the Industry from time to time. With ‘Fashion’.

Anuraadha unknowingly set up a template for what has become the new image of the ‘Bold Indian Heroine’ on screen . . . the one who lives life on her own terms, is morally ambivalent and yet humane enough to garner sympathy from an otherwise conventional audience. With several new Films following this template,

Anuraadha hopes to up it with ‘Heroine’ where the character’s journey is meant to charter some pretty dark spaces, hitherto unknown to Hindi audiences. A believer of Films being a reflection of a Nation’s State of Mind,

Anuraadha is passionate about bringing subtle changes in the narratives of the Hindi Silver Screen and feels it is the duty of every Storyteller to innovate, find new methods of communication and raise the bar with each new venture as a humble student of Life.

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