Madhur Bhandarkar

Madhur Bhandarkar


Madhur Bhandarkar is a National Award-winning Indian film director, script writer, and producer. He is best known for his films such as Chandni Bar (2001), Page 3 (2005), Traffic Signal (2007), and Fashion (2008). He won the National Award for Best Director for Traffic Signal (2007).

Starting his career in early adolescence as a Video Shop Runner, Madhur’s tryst with Movie Making is as poetic and cinematic as the Boy’s from ‘Cinema Paradiso’. Fascinated by the medium and hobnobbing with Stars, Madhur breathed Cinema and knew that someday he would be behind a camera  . . . someday soon. His jobs as an assistant varied from the lesser known Director Ashok Gaikwad to the prolific and eccentric Ram Gopal Verma . . . all the way till Madhur finally managed to fulfill his dream with his first Directorial venture titled ‘Trishakti’ in 1998. Panned by Critics and ignored by the audiences, Trishakti was a washout and Madhur’scareer seemed virtually over, till he managed to convince R Mohan, the mosquito coil Mughal to invest in an experimental subject called ‘Chandni Bar’ (2001), with the inimitable actress Tabu. 2001, Chandni Bar (2001),, the tragic story of a Mumbai Bar Girl was an overnight sensation, catching the imagination of the Nation and paving the way for the New Wave of ‘indie’ Indian Cinema – the one that wasn’t about the Song and Dance and Costumes . . . And the rest has been History.

11 Films and 11 years later,Madhur Bhandarkar is now synonymous with a Brand of Cinema that stands for the bold, the edgy, the socially relevant, yet appealing to the Masses kind of thoughtful entertainment. Having won 3 National Awards himself (the highest Honor in India) for ‘Chandni Bar’ (2001), ‘Page 3’ (2005) and ‘Traffic Signal’ (2007)and 2 for his actresses from ‘Fashion’, Madhur is the most sought after Director by the Leading Ladies of the Industry being the only Director making daring and meaty subjects with Women in a highly Male dominated industry. With Topics ranging from Politics in ‘Satta’ to the Corporate World in ‘Corporate’ to ‘Jail’ and now the ready-to-release ‘Heroine’, Madhur’s Cinema is a curious amalgamation of International content but a very ‘Desi’ (Indian at heart) form that cuts across all classes and languages . . . no mean feat for a country as diverse as India.

With ‘Heroine’ releasing on 21st Sept, 2012, toplining Kareena Kapoor, Madhur hopes to up his own craft with a story that is internal, multilayered and non linear . . . aiming to give the Indian audiences a taste of slightly more mature levels of mainstream entertainment.


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