“They say there is Cinema . . . and then there is Bollywood.

It has its own rules . . . it’s own idiom . . . its own religion.

In fact, for most people in India, Bollywood IS religion

No wonder then, that in it’s the 100th year, Hindi Cinema . . . which
got dubbed Bollywood somewhere along the way . . . and for that
matter most of Regional Cinema as well . . . is still looked upon as a
machinery of random Song and Dance sequences with an excuse of
story stringing them together.

Not that it is entirely untrue . . .

There is a LARGE part of Mainstream Bollywood that definitely
adheres to this ‘formula’ . . . that of the ‘brainless entertainer’ relying
highly on star power, costumes, great locations and Music of course.

And the audience loves it.

Yet, there is a segment that has managed to keep its head well
above the generic waters . . . that of the ‘middle of the road’ Cinema.
Stories that are out of the ordinary, unique, real and yet within the
Bollywood remises . . . or then the new section of Bollywood . . . a
virtual Parallel Industry on the rise with quite a few ‘sleeper hits’
being thrown up each year . . . stumping the daylights out of the
Mainstream Business.

It’s time the World knew about these . . . about the new and exciting
face of Bollywood . . . and how each kind of Cinema . . . much like the
nation . . . co exists side by side.

It’s time the world knew about Bollywood Today . . . in its entirety.”

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